Pecuniary interests of Governors

Register of Pecuniary Interests  updated Nov 2016 (PDF)

Name Name of Business 


  • governor elsewhere (please include school name)
  • related / married to member of staff (please include staff name)
  • employed at school

Nature of Business

of Interest
Date of Appointment
or Acquisition
Date of Cessation
 of Interest

Date of Entry

Laurie Anderson HT 01.09.2010 01.03.2015
Jo Chestnutt Nil 02.03.2015
Tasnim Curtis Nil 14.05.2015
Stephen Day Nil 16.09.2015
Fiona Ferrero Employed at the school 01.09.2006 25.02.2015
Darryl Hindle Nil 26.03.2015
Peter Hoare* Nil 26.03.2015
Daniel Hoskins Employed at the school 01.09.2011 16.09.2015
Robert Marshall Nil 16.09.2015
David Mitchell** Nil 26.03.2015
Julia Naylor Employed at the school 14.01.2013 24.02.2015
Mike Ridgley Nil 26.11.2015
David Bessant Deputy HT 25.04.2001 06.03.2015
Julie Jones Admin Manager 01.10.2014 02.03.2015

*resigned from governor role as of 13-May-15
** resigned from governor role as of 5-Jun-15