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Marchwood Maths

At Marchwood we are trialling a new initiative in maths called ‘Flipped Learning’ whereby children are able to take ownership over their learning. We also hope that it allows parents to become familiar with the teaching methods used in class.

We have trialled a system of recording and narrating screen casts of the different strategies used in our Year groups to teach maths. We have begun to publish these videos on the new ‘Marchwood Maths’ youtube channel. Currently it is just for Year 4 and Year 6 with the hope that we can extend to the whole school in the near future.

As this system is being trialled we are open to feedback on how this could benefit your child’s home learning.

The intention is that the videos uploaded will match the current learning within the classroom. We are really excited about this new initiative and we hope that it can benefit you and your child at home.

At the moment, we have just uploaded a few videos but these will be added too in future weeks. Have a look at what your child is learning!

Please follow this link:

Mr Scallan and Miss Jones